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Party Planner

# of people 

Rum  Vodka  Gin  Scotch  Wine 
(750 ml)
Beer (Case)
25 1 5th 1 Ltr. 1 5th 1 Ltr. 8 btls. 1.5 
50 2 5th  1 Mag. 1 Ltr. 2 5th 16 btls.
100 2 Ltr. 3 Ltr. 1 Mag. 2 Ltr. 30 btls.
200 2 Mag. 3 Mag. 3 Ltr. 2 Mag. 60 btls.

The best solution is to know your party's average age and drink preference. For instance, younger crowds will drink more beer and wine. Older parties will show a tendency towards larger amounts of liquor and less beer. Keep in mind that each party is different and these are relatively conservative figures. 



The quantities are based on two and a half to three drinks per person and an average duration of a function for three hours.